About Us

Bishops Message
Our Vision Statement

Rooted in Roman Catholic Tradition, Holy Cross Catholic School promotes excellence in education, and fosters Christian spiritual,  intellectual and moral virtues in our students.

Our Mission Statement

We, the Holy Cross Catholic School, believe that the proclaiming of God’s message should be accomplished through word and deed; therefore, our Mission is to develop the students’ spiritual, academic, social/civic and physical gifts to promote responsible Christian citizenship.

Our School

Las Cruces Catholic Schools (Holy Cross and St. Mary’s HS) serve students from preschool to the 12th grade. Although we are a Catholic institution, we accept students from all other religions as well as those who are non-religious.

Las Cruces Catholic Schools are certified by Advanc-Ed and the Public Education Department of New Mexico.  The school provides a curriculum which is a blend of core studies and innovative programs which encourage creativity in, and dedication to, learning. Enrichment classes in music, art, physical education, home economics, Spanish language and culture, computer technology, and journalism are offered.

All subjects are taught in accordance with the curriculum that has been outlined by the New Mexico Public Education Department.

We also offer advanced classwork and small class sizes. Furthermore we work as a community of parents, teachers, and students, to maintain a safe learning environment for students of every age, race, religion, economic status and gender.