Principal’s Message


Limon-240x300Dear Holy Cross and St. Mary’s Family and Friends,

Since 1927, Las Cruces Catholic Schools (Holy Cross and St. Mary’s) has maintained and established a tradition of providing Las Cruces and its surrounding area a rich academic and spiritual educational experience to students of all ages.  In 2007, St. Mary’s High School, which is the only Catholic high school in the entire southern part of New Mexico, was established in order to make available a Catholic education to high school students.  The students who graduate leave with a foundation of faith, community, justice, and respect.  The dedication and commitment of the Diocese of Las Cruces to academic excellence and Catholic education is evident in the faculty and staff who uphold these strong traditions.

The Las Cruces Catholic Schools’ vision stays fresh in part because of the thoughtful integration of academic and spiritual learning in our curriculum.Community service is a major part of our curriculum that brings together academic study and service.  It gives the students an awareness of how they can affect positive change in the world around them and allows each student to learn from and reflect on the experience of working for change in the community. Our students find their education is enriched and the Holy Cross and St. Mary’s mission made more meaningful.

The vision of the Las Cruces Catholic Schools would not be possible without the hard work, financial assistance, and moral support of current and former parents and grandparents, alumni, and community friends. All of these contributions are truly inspiring, and I am extremely grateful to each of you for your enduring commitment to make our school what it is today.

May God always bless you,

Connie Limon