Celeste Conrad, HS Social Studies Teacher
BA, MA, ABD (Fordham University, University of Texas, NMSU)
I believe a teacher should facilitate the development of the full, human potential of students. A teacher should strive to understand and meet the needs of each student in order to reach this goal. Teaching should address every dimension of human life: the spiritual, emotional, moral and creative, as well as the intellectual aspect of a person. Curriculum and lessons should employ dialogue, activities, and materials that will draw students into an active engagement with situations and issues that they will face during their life. Education should provide the tools and guidance students will need to make good decisions and shape a productive, meaningful life for themselves, their families, and those in the communities where they will live.

Conchita Miller, HS Science TeacherConchita Miller
BA in Agriculture in Mexico, PhD in Plant Pathology in Bozeman, Montana. Teaching degree in Phoenix AZ, Certificate for Arizona and New Mexico.
I have been teaching for the last 10 years in high school and college. Prior to that I researched. I believe it is essential for a teacher to be a professional and have a sound knowledge of the subject, and balance that with Christian values. This will allow us teachers to integrate excellence in academics with basic Christian principles. As teachers we provide the environment and teachings that will allows the youth to develop skills and character they need to face the challenges that will come from careers and family life and make good choices so they can reach their full potential, what God intents for them. Teachers not only provide academic education but are role models. Based on trust, honesty, and respect, they build partnerships with students. Second only to their parents, teachers have tremendous influence on the values that students develop, and as such, a teacher must impart morally correct values that the students can use for the rest of their lives. Teachers work on the academic excellence of their students, but most importantly in helping students develop into Christian adults.

Laura Stokes, HS English
PhD in Instruction Design/Adult Education, MA- English, BA in an English and Education
Each person has gifts and talents. A teacher should help identify and enhance these gifts. In addition, a teacher should note areas that need strengthening and then use appropriate methods and strategies to increase the student’s knowledge and skills in these areas. A teacher should mentor, challenge, encourage, and empower a student so that he/she becomes a lifelong learner.

Sr. Delnise, HS Theology
Being a teacher is part of my very being. I believe that when God created me, he thought of me as an educator. I love to help others to grow and to reach their full potential. It is even more wonderful to teach when the subject is my favorite: God himself! For him I spend my energy and it is for him that I do my best from the beginning until the end of my day. May he be the one glorified in everyone and in everything.